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A New Era

The introduction of the Primetaper marked the beginning of a new era in implant dentistry. An all-purpose dental implant with the latest innovations in implant design, its unique feature met demands of dentists and patients in need of immediate stability. More than just a single product, the Primetaper joined a multinational, premium family of brands under Dentsply Sirona.

When approaching the Primetaper, it was clear that this was no place for subtlety. We wanted to capture the feeling of watching an exciting movie trailer for the latest blockbuster, from the nuances of the music, to the visual ebbs and flow that pull you in and leave you on the edge of your seat. The end product achieves what every good trailer does: leave you wanting to know more. In this case, we leave customers wanting to know how the Primetaper can revolutionize their practice.

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